Susan's History

A native of Houston, Texas, Susan Johnson moved to California in 1994. With their children grown, she and her husband John decided to start a business and settle here permanently.

A family history of cancer and heart disease had made her very aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. When she discovered that there was no single service offering healthy prepared meals delivered to families, working professionals or businesses throughout Southern California, she decided to fill the niche by providing an effortless way for others to achieve a healthy diet and lifestyle. After much research, she determined that Orange County was the most strategic location to accomplish her dream of serving all of Southern California. She opened her headquarters in Irvine in January of 1996 and with that, Susan's Healthy Gourmet was born. With dietician tested and approved recipes along side innovative digital programs that not only analyze the nutritional content of each meal, but also track the needs of her customers, Susan brought the very best in nutritious and delicious meals to the Orange County community.

In January of 1998, Susan's Healthy Gourmet expanded to Los Angeles, and in May of 2000, Susan's began delivering delicious, nutritious meals to San Diego. Susan's plan for Healthy Gourmet is to expand throughout the state of California and beyond, promoting good health to those whose goals include not just eating eating well, but also living well.

In 2008 we introduced Good Sense packages and Diabetic packages to our variety of customized menus, while 2013 brought the Gluten Sensitive menu and our beloved Family portion meals. Today, Susan's Healthy Gourmet stands as not only as the original healthy prepared meal service, but as one of the most significant choices a person can make when choosing to live a healthy lifestyle.

Currently, Susan's Healthy Gourmet employs a full-time kitchen staff of 20+ to produce over 250,000 meals a year, with each order customized for its clients. Future plans include expanding the service through shipping to those areas unable to be serviced locally. Susan's dream to provide meals to those who want to enjoy the benefits of eating healthy is moving forward just as planned! From the start, Susan has held fast to her belief that a nutritious diet, reducing stress, spending time with family and friends and giving back to our communities are all important when living healthy and living well.