Success Stories

Hi! Just returned from Baltimore & Johns Hopkins University - While there I saw the head cardiologist - He had... your brochure. He never looked at the menu only nutritional info. His wish was that your type of business would be all over USA...Just wanted you to know that the highest rated medical center in the world has you brochure.
All the while I was traveling (6 wks) I was tempted to overeat. There were tables of food everywhere. The 1000 cal. had shrunk my stomach so that I couldn't overeat. As a result I came back with only 2 extra pounds - Since I'm back in exercise hopefully all will be back to normal. Even if I wanted to quit, I know better. Can't afford extra weight. Thanks for proving to me that my way of cooking was a failure. Just wanted you to know that one customer is pleased with your product. Thanks for being there.

- Helene Rufran, Mission Viejo

Saves time, tastes good, and I may never cook again.

- Barbara Holman, Los Angeles

Came for my health and it's happening. I've dreamed of having a personal cook and now I have one. Thanks!"

Jeanne Wells, Santa Monica

Ordering Healthy Gourmet meals has been one of the best things I have done for myself. I not only get healthy, fresh and delicious meals, I also maintain the weight I want without having to monitor myself. It's all done for me, and I know I'm getting the nutrition I need.

- Dr. Hunt, Del Mar

Approximately a week ago, I was on a plane coming home from a business trip with my boss. We were discussing how hard it is on a working mother to work an 8 hour day, come home to a messy house only to have to deal with homework and chanting about how soon dinner will be served. My boss pulled a copy of an advertisement from her briefcase. It was for Healthy Gourmet. We discussed how wonderful it would be to have fresh, low fat, home cooked meals ready and waiting when we got home.
When I got off the plane, I couldn't wait to get over to your offices to order every meal I could. My husband, on the other hand, was skeptical. 'Another diet, another shortcut', he said. I tried to explain that I didn't feel that it was 'another' anything. This was something special.
When we reached your office, I couldn't wait to show my husband the menu and explain everything to him. 'See, we only order what we want. We don't have to order every meal. We can substitute a meal we won't like with other menu choices,' I explained.
I managed to convince him and we ordered food for the entire week - every meal. We have been greatly satisfied. Not only do we have more time to do other more important things, but also we feel healthy and energized. Just last night I was telling my husband how I didn't feel 'run down' for a change. And the meals are so fresh and delicious. Last night we had the Chicken Parmesan with asparagus and carrots. The vegetables were so fresh and still crispy (not like the canned or frozen stuff we've gotten used to).
Thank you, Healthy Gourmet, for making my life a little easier.

- Rebecca Gawryl, Westminster

Food was a constant hassle. It's a battle with time during the week. I'm not spending any more than when I was eating out so much. It saves time shopping. I'm eating the best I've ever eaten. How you eat shows in everything: how you feel, your skin, your hair - everything.

- Leslie Sayre, Newport Beach

It's so easy - I lost weight without even trying.

- E. Paris, Marina del Rey

I work two jobs, this is the easiest and healthiest way to go - no more fast food binges for me - just grab and go - a healthy alternative!! Thanks!!

- Patricia Goguen, Orange

We want to take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate you and your business. We're so glad we found you. Rod has lost almost 50 pounds and part of the credit goes to your food...he gets to the office a 6 a.m. and works until at least 6 p.m. without the opportunity to leave. Ordinarily, he would have someone who was going out for lunch pick something up for him which usually meant a cheeseburger, etc. Now, he simply takes his breakfast and lunch with him and he has wonderful, nutritious meals without giving it a thought. With starting my new business, I've been working seven days a week to get it going. Knowing that he has his dinners already taken care of, gives me additional freedom to do what I need to do without worrying about a dinner. It works so well for us! We have also appreciated your customer service and how nice you and your staff are!

- Paula Laskelle and Rod Giacomini, San Clemente

No calorie counting or clean-up - can't beat that!

- Lisa Paglia, West LA

Since Ed and I have been enjoying Healthy Gourmet food for about 5 months, I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the service.
Primarily, we decided to try Healthy Gourmet because of its convenience. However, I have been monitored by Kaiser's Cholesterol Management group for the past 2 years with instructions to change my diet and lower my cholesterol (which was as high as 315 at one time). I kept wondering why they did not put me on medication and let it go since on my own I could never eat the fiber, vegetables, and fruits their diet required. Last week for the first time Kaiser reported my cholesterol at an acceptable level and informed me they would not have to check me for 2 years. Ed is also pleased with his slow but steady weight loss. Needless to say, we credit Healthy Gourmet with these changes.[/footnote]
I recall reading that Oprah Winfrey and Shirley MacLaine have personal cooks who prepare their meals exactly as requested. I felt this was a luxury we could never afford. I was wrong. With Healthy Gourmet, we also have a personal chef who watches our calories and other nutrients and makes following a healthy food program effortless. Best of all, the meals are delicious and provide much more variety than we could ever achieve on our own.[/footnote]
Thank you for providing a much needed service.

- Jean Middleton, Laguna Beach

Dear Healthy Gourmet Gang - Many thanks for the great green mug (just my color) laden with yummy (and undoubtedly healthy) holiday cookies. OK, OK, I confess - they were gone before I got home. Can I just consider them a 7:00 p.m. appetizer? What a nice year-round reminder of my favorite low-cal staple. Congrats on your expansion into Los Angeles! Here's to lost - but never missed - fat and calories."

- Nancy Wagner-Sellers, Laguna Beach

I'm a diabetic - this has been a godsend, my blood sugars are finally within normal range and the bonus is the weight is coming off and the food tastes great!"

- Jeanne Rowley, Costa Mesa

Thanks for the good things about Healthy Gourmet. Here are ten:
1. the brownies
2. anything with salmon
3. the way the orange is sliced
4. the vegetables (not overcooked)
5. pistachios on top of rice pudding
6. the pizza
7. BBQ chicken
8. the variety of each lunch
9. roasted vegetables
10. the friendly staff
[footenote]- Paula Bee, Costa Mesa & Los Angeles[/footnote]
I wish you could have been here to hear the raves when I served my bridge ladies your luncheon. (They immediately called Healthy Gourmet to have menus sent to their homes.) When I told my husband (and he had the leftovers) he said, 'I'll bet that cost $125.' I showed him your $34.00 bill. Now he can hardly wait for me to go out of town so he can order Healthy Gourmet. Thank you for the excellent food but particularly for the extra care you take with freshness and quality.

- Sue Newby, Santa Ana

Dear Susan, Many, many thanks to you, John, Barbara, and the rest of your staff for the marvelous Encore Circle Party at the Myers' home on June 13th. Not only was the food delicious, but also was presented so beautifully. The feedback from our members and guests was very positive. In fact many felt it was the best party Encore has had.

- Lis Catena, Irvine

We're spoiled. Having Healthy Gourmet is like having a cook. It's like being cared for. It's wonderful. It's not diet food.

- Page Holloway, Laguna Hills

It's a great convenience for those trying to lose weight and eat sensible with little hassle.

- Bonnie Atlas, Newport Beach

The cupcakes were delicious. Their compact texture was moist enough & I really liked the topping. I ate one on Monday & the other on Wed - Both were fresh.

- Harriet Barrickman, Santa Ana

Thank you, John and Susan, for all the nice goodies you have given me...and most of all for your dedication to good health - and for making life more fun & less boring for me by deciding & cooking for me!...I feel better in all ways - and that is most important for a diabetic!!

- Trudy Martin, Newport Beach

I'm so glad you're here. I may never have to cook again!

- Jill Vacara, Santa Monica