Susan’s Healthy Gourmet Launches Susan’s Good $ense Menu

IRVINE, Calif., March 16, 2011- Susan’s Healthy Gourmet, which pioneered the concept of fresh, nutritious  and calorie-controlled meals delivered to Southern California homes and businesses, has added a new selection for 2011: Susan’s Good $ense Menu. Designed for those who want nutritionist-approved meals, this cost-effective program features healthful nutrients and smaller portions, around 1250 calories per day.

The menu features many of the most notable items on Susan’s Healthy Gourmet traditional menu, such as parmesan crusted tilapia with lemon asparagus risotto and broccoli; rosemary orange-glazed salmon with risotto, peas and onions; lemon oregano rubbed chicken breast, scalloped potatoes and sugar snap peas; as well as a daily snack selection of fruits, vegetables and baked goods.

“With many cutting back due to the challenging economy, eating healthy on a budget has proved to be difficult, so we developed Susan’s Good $ense Menu for a lower-priced alternative. This new program option is perfect for customers who make affordability and healthy eating priorities, but do not want to sacrifice taste,” said Susan Johnson, founder and CEO of the 16-year-old Susan’s Healthy Gourmet.

Known for its ability to make eating healthy both convenient and delicious, Susan’s Healthy Gourmet offers a wide selection of fresh, nutritionally balanced and gourmet meals to accommodate busy working individuals, seniors, families and young kids, and even diabetics. By offering new low-fat, portion-controlled, and delicious selections through Susan’s Good $ense Menu, Susan’s Healthy Gourmet provides a less expensive, convenient and effective plan to achieve weight management. Perfect for everyone from teens through seniors, these flavorful meals are offered for three meals a day or lunch and dinner only for five to seven days a week with menu items varying from week to week.

The traditional Susan’s Healthy Gourmet menu offers an assortment of fully customizable, low-calorie breakfasts, lunches and dinners—a wider variety than any other meal service. Meals range from traditional favorites to spa cuisine, everything from Grandma’s lean beef meatloaf to loaded baby spinach salad with lemon Dijon vinaigrette. Susan’s Healthy Gourmet meals are made with only the highest quality ingredients and contain no trans fat and no added chemicals or preservatives; fruits and veggies (organic, whenever possible) are included in each meal and only hormone-free poultry is used.

Susan’s Healthy Gourmet meal programs, including Susan’s Good $ense Menu, meet or exceed the daily nutritional requirements of the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society and American Diabetic Association. Meals are individually packaged and ready for pick-up or delivery throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties.

For more information on Susan’s Healthy Gourmet and Susan’s Good $ense Menu or to order, please visit or call 888-EZ-MEALS.

About Susan’s Healthy Gourmet

Irvine, Calif.-based Susan’s Healthy Gourmet prepares and packages fresh, nutritionally balanced and calorie-regulated meals for pickup or delivery throughout Southern California. Founded in 1995, Susan’s Healthy Gourmet meets the demands of its customers’ busy lifestyles, taste preferences and dietary needs by offering portion-controlled customizable individual meals. The company also offers a Diabetic menu for those needing to monitor their carbohydrate and sugar intake; the Good $ense Menu; Kid’s Backpack Lunches and Busy Bee Dinners; and the Purification and Anti-Aging plan for a healthy and convenient way to jumpstart into long-term healthy living and naturally cleanse the body. For more information, call 888-EZ-MEALS or