New Mothers Benefit from Good Nutrition with Meals by Susan’s Healthy Gourmet

Irvine, Calif., June 6, 2008 – Finding time for herself is a daily challenge for a new mother, whether having just delivered her first baby or her third. Between feeding, bathing, rocking and cleaning the newborn, preparing a healthy meal for herself or family is often last on a new mother’s mind.

“Even after delivery, a new mother needs extra care and nutrition to help her body recover,” said Carissa Rivas, B.S., nutritionist for Susan’s Healthy Gourmet, the company that creates and delivers fresh, healthy gourmet meals to homes throughout Southern California. “A healthy diet helps a new mother lose baby weight and provides the energy that she needs to look and feel her best.

Available for pick-up or delivery in Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange and San Diego Counties, Susan’s Healthy Gourmet offers a variety of gourmet, nutrition-packed meals, snacks and desserts for new mothers who need to continue an increased intake of calcium, iron, folic acids and complex-carbohydrates. Meals are individually packaged, calorie controlled and low in fat, sodium and cholesterol.

Because healthy eating is at the cornerstone of post-pregnancy nutrition, Rivas offers some practical ideas to make healthy food choices easier for new mothers:

  • Balance your meals. Always include a healthy starch, lean protein, vegetables, fruits and a low-fat dairy in every meal.
  • Sneak vegetables and fruits into meals. Choose vegetables as toppings when ordering pizza. Top cereal or yogurt with fresh fruit. Add extra vegetables into an omelet or in your casserole.
  • Boost energy with carbs (the good ones). Carbs are important for energy, but choose wisely – whole grain breads, pasta and rice are the best options.
  • Rev up calcium consumption. Sixteen ounces of fat free milk is recommended daily.
  • Jazz up trail mix. Make trail mix with a variety of nuts and dried fruit. Try exotic ingredients like dried apricots, mango or pineapple and Brazilian nuts, soynuts or smoked almonds. But watch your portions!
  • Curb hunger with high protein snacks. Put peanut or almond butter on toast, or spread it on an apple or celery sticks as a snack.

Rivas also recommends drinking lots of water, eating several small meals a day and cooking with hormone-free poultry. For breakfast, Rivas suggests menu favorites from Susan’s Healthy Gourmet such as the Morning Riser, which consists of scrambled eggs, crispy turkey bacon and Cheddar cheese on a whole-wheat English muffin, or the Cheese Blintzes with fresh Blueberry sauce. For lunch or dinner, meal options include the Mango Walnut Chicken Salad, tasty Butternut Squash Soup or exotic Grilled Salmon with Mint Salsa.

Most new mothers do not have the time to prepare healthy meals, yet need maximum energy while striving to return to their pre-pregnancy weight. Susan’s Healthy Gourmet offers a delicious alternative that conveniently calculates a meal’s caloric and nutritional content, thus giving new moms and dads more time to spend caring for their precious little ones.

About Susan’s Healthy Gourmet

Irvine, Calif.-based Susan’s Healthy Gourmet prepares and packages fresh, nutritionally balanced and calorie-regulated meals for pickup or delivery throughout Southern California. Founded in 1995, Susan’s Healthy Gourmet meets the demands of its customers’ busy lifestyles, taste preferences and dietary needs by offering customizable individual meals. The company also offers Kid’s Backpack Lunches and Busy Bee Dinners; a Diabetic menu for those needing to monitor their carbohydrate and sugar intake; the Good Sense Menu for seniors ages 65 and over, and the Purification and Anti-Aging plan for a healthy and convenient way to jumpstart into long-term healthy living and naturally cleanse the body. For more information, call 888-EZ-MEALS or visit