Gourmet 101

Same Susan's You Love, with a Brand New Look!

VeggiesWelcome to Susan’s Healthy Gourmet, your source for wholesome, deliciously nutritious meals, prepared fresh in our kitchen and delivered right to your doorstep! Get ready for a crash course in just a few things that make Susan's Healthy Gourmet the very best healthy meal kitchen and delivery service around! Lots of great things are going on here in Susan’s kitchen and it looks like you’ve come to our site just in time to order from our brand new menu. We’ve gone and done something pretty amazing with this new style of home delivery menu… something you’ve probably never seen before. (But then again, we’re the original healthy gourmet meal delivery service, so we always bring you the latest and greatest in nutritious options!)

So what’s so great about Susan’s new menu? To put it simply, we’ve restructured our weekly selections to reflect a single, easy to use “restaurant style” menu. This means you can order what you want, when you want it, all from a simple weekly menu and all while getting our convenient twice weekly delivery that ensures you enjoy your meals while they are at their freshest.

And the food?

StoveAhhh, the food. What can we say? Susan’s Healthy Gourmet continues to prepare each and every meal as if it was being served at our own family table. Our new menu introduces some new and exciting dishes and brings back some long time favorites. You’ll find everything from Italian flair, Mexican zest and Asian fresh, to good ‘ol American classics and down right delicious comfort food. Every dish is made by hand in our Southern California kitchen from the freshest locally grown ingredients and our recipes are designed to meet a whole pantry full of dietary preferences.

How about that team?

My, what a team it is! We’re here to help you live healthy and happy each and every day and we know that it takes more than just a well-balanced diet to reach that goal!

Our Healthy Gourmet Nutritionist is here to provide you with guidance and advice to help you maintain that healthy lifestyle, plus she’s a wealth of delicious bits of nutritional information that will keep you up-to-date and informed on today’s culinary and dietary trends and topics.

CustomerServiceOur Customer Service Specialists will keep that smile on your face! Whether you’d like to place an order over the phone, have questions regarding a delivery or just want to share your experience with us, feel free to give us a call. We love to hear from our customers!

Our Kitchen Cast is second to none. They keep a spic-and-span kitchen and prepare each meal with a smile (and from what we’ve heard in the next room, a lively song)! From early in the morning while chopping vegetables and preparing fruit, to late afternoon when the smell of delicious meals cooking fills the room, our kitchen runs a tight ship. You’ll taste the attention to quality and culinary craftsmanship they proudly dedicate to each and every meal.

Delivery Crew, we’ve got the best! Though we probably wouldn’t encourage them to enter a European rally race, we’ve got to say that we’ve got some of the best drivers around. Making deliveries throughout Southern California from Los Angeles to San Diego, you can bet your bottom dollar that your meals will be delivered with good old fashioned door-to-door courtesy and a friendly smile.

Won’t be home to receive your meals? Just let us know and our friendly delivery person will leave your meals at your designated location. We will provide a cooler and ice pack(s) for your convenience. Please read our Cooler Policy.

If delivery isn’t your cup of tea or you prefer to get out and smell the roses, we offer pick up service at several convenient locations throughout Southern California.

So again, welcome to Susan’s Healthy Gourmet, where bringing you nutritional health and happiness is our #1 job. And boy, do we love our job.