Delivery Information

Delivery Days

DeliveryDelivery to your home or office is for Sunday/Monday (your Monday through Wednesday meals) and Thursday (your Thursday through Sunday meals).  Delivery day will depend on location. Please call our Customer Service department (888-396-3257) to find out delivery days for your area.

Food Care Upon Delivery

When you receive your meals, they must be refrigerated immediately! Susan's Healthy Gourmet does not assume any liability or responsibility for orders requested for delivery that are not refrigerated promptly or properly. You are responsible for your meals once they have been delivered to you.

Home or Office Delivery Times

Business Deliveries (Los Angeles & Orange County):
Monday all deliveries 8am-11:30am
Thursday all deliveries 8am-11:30am
No Business deliveries currently available in San Diego & Riverside
Los Angeles:
Sunday all outlets and all home deliveries 12pm-8pm
Wednesday outlets only 3pm-8pm
Thursday all home deliveries 2-8am
Orange County:
Sunday all outlets and Home Deliveries 12pm-8pm
Monday all business deliveries 8am-11:30am
Wednesday all outlets  3pm-8pm
Thursday all home deliveries 2am-8 am and business deliveries 8am-11:30am
Monday all deliveries 2am-8am
Thursday all deliveries 2am-8am
No outlets or business deliveries currently available in this area
San Diego:
Sunday all home deliveries and outlets 12pm-8pm
WednesdayThursday all outlets 3pm-8pmall home deliveries 2am-8am


Home or Office Delivery Fees

There is a flat $15.00 weekly Delivery Fee (this includes twice weekly delivery or any single weekly delivery).

Cooler Fee

There will be a onetime $10.00 cooler fee that will be charged to your account on your first order with us. This is non-refundable and supplies you with a cooler or replacing any damaged or dirty coolers for the duration of your time with Susan’s Healthy Gourmet. ( Note:If you do not get delivery and instead pick up your meals you will not be charged a cooler fee; unless you change to delivery).

If No One is Home

If you are not available to receive delivery, we will provide a cooler and ice pack(s) for your convenience. Leaving your food in a cooler with ice pack(s) is a courtesy to you the customer. Food absolutely must be refrigerated within 6 hours if left in a cooler. The coolers are not to be considered a substitute for immediate refrigeration, but rather a temporary fix to hold them for a short period of time until you return. You are welcome to leave your own cooler, if this fits your situation better. Susan's Healthy Gourmet is not responsible or liable for any order once it is delivered to you.

We also have a number of convenient neighborhood pickup locations. Please go to that section for locations, fees and pick-up times, if this option will work better for you than delivery.