Customer Feedback

Busy Mom

Today I received my very first meal delivery from you and I just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU! As a busy single mom with no time to cook healthy meals right now, I have to say this was the first time in a very looong time my son and I sat down to a meal together that was healthy and delicious. Usually he gets mac and cheese and I eat whatever frozen meal I can find. I was thrilled to see my 5 1/2 yr old devouring your bbq salmon with brown rice and veggies. He finished the whole thing! Honestly the whole experience made my day and my week and I had to share my joy with you. The delivery was perfect and the food was excellent and I was so happy to be feeding our bodies some healthy food for once. Kudos to you!
Brooke Campanelli

Very Pleased with Service

I'm just finishing my first month of Senior (87) meals (2 and snack daily) and I'm pleasantly surprised at the great variety and the delicious preparations you plan each week. I especially like the green apple salad and cream dressing and the celery stuffed with peanut butter and raisins. A little more beef would be welcome. Keep up the great work!
Howard Langhans

Susan saves a single guy.

I am home recovering from back surgery. I can't believe the hospital staff did not make me aware of this service - found it six months after surgery. I can tell you that it would be impossible for a single person to have the wide variety of good food or the abundance by shopping and cooking yourself. Even if you DID have the time, you could not beat the prices for this quality and variety.
David Smith

Thank you!

I'm probably not your typical customer. My brother and his wife are stationed in the San Diego area, away from family and most of their friends, and just had their first baby. My brother is in the Navy, and so is only able to be home on weekends. I found out about Susan's Healthy Gourmet as I was searching online for FRESH meal deliveries to send to them to help out since I am not able to be there myself. Your site has been so easy to use, your prices are great, your customer service is excellent, and my brother raves to me about the food. You have made it possible for me to help out my brother and his family from far away and for that I cannot express enough appreciation!

Wonderful Food

After 18 months on your diet I must compliment you for your consistently varied delicious meals...and I haven't gained a pound. For me, living alone, the lack of worry about fixing meals has been a godsend. At 88 I feel strong, I ride my bike 3 miles every day and I play pool 2 hours 3 days a week. I particularly llike your "Ruth's Potroast", "Gramdma's Meatloaf"and "Seasoned Sirloin". Your cheesecakes are a favorite and your Peruvian oranges are outstanding, juicy, deicious and the segments separate cleanly. Thanks for your wonderful service.
Howard Langhsns

Delicious food!

Your food is delicious! Way better then I expeted. My husband loved it. I have been so busy with work and so has my husband. We have been eating fast food and junk. Just to tired to cook. So I thought I would spend some of my hard earned money on some good food. Last night I called my husband to tell him I was on my way home and he told me he was full. I said full of what. He said the gourmet food has arrived and he had the Surf and Turf. He said it was really good. He then told me he would heat up the food for me and it will be ready for me when I got home. It is just what we needed. A good healthy meal after work. Thank you!
Rory Townsley

Thank Goodness for Susan's

I am elderly and cannot cook or shop! I was desperate for an order today and called in last moment. My order was delivered within two hours. UNBELIEVABLE SERVICE! The meals are excellent as I have ordered before. I want to thank the staff for the help and outstanding service as well as the extreme kindness to me. Of course my orders are all in way ahead of time for the next month and I am again so grateful for this gourmet home delivery here in Orange County.
Anne Lebrecht

Best delivery meal service

I have tried 2 other companies (Fresh Diet and Ediet) and they tasted terrible! Susans healthy gourmet is delicous!! Its also filling. I even called to verify its really only 375 cal per meal. It tastes too good to be so low cal and healthy! THANK YOU. Even after I reach my goal weight I will continue the service.
Yvonne MC Clamroch

Carlee Casey

Dear Sir or Madam, I don’t know if I would have ordered if not for the exceptional customer service provided by your employee, Carlee Casey – what a delightful person! So I‘m a retired guy in Kansas and wanted to give a meal to my sister-in-law, Cindy Trangsrud, as a get-well gift. My daughter in CA actually found your website; I’m not too computer savvy myself. Still, I knew nothing about your company and food reputation, and your website did not answer all the questions I had. So I phoned and Carlee picked up [thankfully, I didn’t have to listen to any pre-recorded messages: “Push 1 for menu, 2 for costs, 3 for . . .”}. She patiently answered my several questions over two phone calls on April 16 and 17. Frankly, Carlee was just very reassuring, enough so that I felt comfortable placing an order with your company. I don’t know about any of your other employees, but still I am encouraging my sister-in-law and my brother to ask for Carlee when they are ready to order [if she’s working that day]. You are lucky having her working for your company. Carlee is the best!
Kent Munzer

Great for time challenged

I am a massage therapist and owner of a spa in Laguna Hills. I supervise staff, do marketing, scheduling, financials etc. and have more than a full-time massage schedule. (blessed to have loyal clients). Additionally I have this year taken on finishing my Masters degree. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?! With that said, I have VERY little time for myself and use every precious moment of down time carefully. I have been a customer of Susans for several years now and the time that saves enables me to do other things I need to do instead of cooking and shopping etc. The food is very good and the portion control enables me to be healthy and fit so I can continue to serve others with excellence... THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Mikki Melinda Anderson, StressBusters Day Spa

Love the creamy mushroom & cheese risotto

The creamy mushroom & cheese risotto (the one that comes with the seasoned sirloin in mushroom sauce) is so GOOD. Hearty and delicious!

Please come to Texas!!!

Please, please, please come to Austin, TX! I really enjoyed my Susan's Healthy Gourmet meals when I lived in San Diego but moved back to Texas late last year. I would order them if I could get them fresh here in Austin. My Fit Foods has nothing on Susan's Healthy Gourmet!
Jessica Sabroff

Great Service!

Pleasant to see the varieties!
Alex Belki