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What is Susan's Healthy Gourmet?

Susan's Healthy Gourmet provides fresh, nutritionally balanced, and calorie-controlled meals, that are individually prepared and packaged to order. Breakfast, lunch and dinner meals lower in fat, cholesterol, and sodium are available at two daily calorie levels-Regular (350-450 Calories per meal) and Large (500-600 Calories per meal). Since as many as three to four days of food may be ordered at a time, the meals are labeled stating the best meals to be eaten first to ensure that they are eaten in the order that will maximize freshness (Usually fish and salads first). Instructions for re-heating or freezing the food in their microwave-safe containers are included.

BakingMore than 200 items are offered monthly, including a complete line of vegetarian meals. No minimum order is required. A customer can order a single meal or breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days (Monday - Wednesday) or four days (Thursday - Sunday). Orders are placed two days before the beginning of the upcoming cycle. The meals are picked up or delivered on Sunday/Mondays and Wednesday/Thursdays. A complete five-week menu and additional salads, entrees and desserts on an a la carte menu are available.

The meals promote good health, not just weight loss. A complete day's meals meet or exceed the daily nutritional guidelines recommended by the American heart Assn., the American Cancer Society, and the American Dietetic Assn. which are: Fat - 30% or less, Saturated Fat - less than 10%, Fiber - 15-20%, Cholesterol under 300 mg, and Sodium ranging from 1,100-3,300 mg.

Susan's Healthy Gourmet customers tend to fit the following profiles:

  • Those seeking to lose weight on a program that can also be adjusted for weight maintenance once they reach their goals.
  • Busy professionals with no time to prepare the kinds of foods they know they should eat.
  • People who have been advised by their doctors to control their intake of fat, sodium, or cholesterol.
  • Fitness enthusiasts. Many personal trainers recommend Susan's Healthy Gourmet to their clients as part of an overall fitness program.
  • Seniors. Many retirement community dwellers are knowledgeable consumers concerned with meeting their nutritional needs at an affordable price.
  • Business and Philanthropic Groups. Healthy breakfast and lunch alternatives for meetings are in increased demand. (Orange County only)
  • Busy famiilies and parents who care about what goes into their children's growing bodies.

Susan's Healthy Gourmet offers a fresh, delicious product that is an attractive alternative to frozen meals and diet programs that charge an extra fee for their service.